A Brief History

Pentesec was founded in 2014, born out of a passion for technology and business. As the name suggests (Pente meaning five in Greek), the company was formed by five like-minded professionals and enthusiasts of pioneering technology. Having owned businesses in the past and holding consultancy positions within the technology industry, each founding member brought extensive knowledge and experience across security and infrastructure to the business.


The company prides itself in having a strong family ethic, which has helped us grow an enthusiastic and dynamic team of consultants who each have experience in data networking, secure infrastructure design and deployment. By harnessing the extensive experience and unique skill sets of our team we ensure our services are incomparable. The team continually monitor new and emerging technology to identify potential threats before they can take effect, enabling an innovative and agile approach in a challenging and dynamic market. 


Pentesec have positioned ourselves as thought leaders and evangelists, building awareness on the importance of security systems. We understand how security threats can damage a business’ reputation and ROI, which is why we offer a broad spectrum of services and support. By providing end to end security and with a complex network integrator for smooth implementation, Pentesec provide consistent and reliable in-depth expertise to support our customers and help them achieve their goals. This, along with our personable approach ensures each customer gets the care and attention they deserve. 

Built on strong technology foundations, Pentesec has quickly grown to become one of the most reputable, industry leading security specialists in the UK. We offer professional services, managed security services and expertise within an extensive range of security technologies to small, medium and enterprise level businesses in an array of industries including construction, engineering, health, education and finance. What’s more, we are one in only five UK SandBlast Certified Check Point Partners and were recently  promoted to become a four star Check Point partner,  acknowledging our cyber security excellence.