Penetration Testing

Pentesec work with some of the leading Penetration Testing companies, to bring you a wide range of Regular and Ad-Hoc Penetration Testing


Understanding the risk areas that are present in our infrastructure is key to assuring it’s security. Managing known risks, and simple mitigation of risk can be key in ensuring our data remains private and at the same time constantly available to the right people.

We spend a lot of time with our clients, before, during and after the test to ensure a fully tailored service in line with your requirements or motivations. We can adopt an “attacker” role, try to socially engineer ourselves into your data center and leave a business card on your servers, or a simple external IP range to see your public exposure.

Whatever your needs we have an experienced penetration tester to help achieve your goals. Including a full report, and additional training in understanding the best migitaion steps for any identified flaws, if required. We can be as involved as our clients need us to be, to bring peace of mind.

Our Penetration Testing Portfolio

  • Network penetration testing

  • Wireless network penetration testing

  • Web application penetration testing

  • Product penetration testing

  • Red Team testing

  • VoIP Security Testing

  • Database Security Testing

How much damage could data loss cause your business? If the resource you’re trying to protect has limited damage, than Penetration testing is probably not the correct service for your needs. However – if your resources have the ability to disable or damage your brand, then it’s important to fully understand the risks that are present. 

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