Service Overview

One of the Five Pillars of our business are the Pentesec Managed Security Services.  We provide you with seamlessly integrated, best of breed technologies, that do what YOU need them to and keep your networks, devices and data safe from threats.

We have designed and built a series of Managed Services that encompasses the entire Check Point Blade Suite and builds upon the decades of experience shared between our Professional and Operational Services teams.  We deliver a friendly, straight-forward service as your team of security specialists.

The technical abilities we have in-house, coupled with our proprietary toolset, are leveraged by experienced Check Point Master Consultants and Engineers whose combined skills make Pentesec the most technically accredited Check Point Partner in the world.

Our team will work with you to define the problems you need to solve, design the solution that works for you and deliver the results.  Regular reporting shows you the health of devices, change management overview, upgrade eligibility and more.

Choose Pentesec as your Managed Service provider and gain a partner capable of providing unparalleled visibility into your firewall infrastructure and proactive remediation of issues long before they become problems.

Benefits of our Managed Services

Our Managed Services are built to focus on and support key areas of your security posture and ensure continuous optimisation of security blades and features that are critical to your overall cyber security posture – all visible, measurable and trackable through the Pentesec Portal.

You have the full support of the entire Pentesec Team, with 24/7 access to our Check Point Masters and regular communications and updates from our technical engineers.  When you pick up the phone, a qualified engineer answers and triages your query immediately.  Our  SLA targets and our achievement of those targets, is updated in real-time, directly on the Pentesec Portal – so you can hold us accountable to the targets we set.

Pentesec’s Managed Services are end-to-end services that give you the visibility, intelligence and, more importantly, the peace of mind that your business is secure.

For more information about the key considerations and benefits of our Managed Services, please complete the contact form, or call us on 0845 519 1337.

Managed Firewall Complete

Firewalls are often thought of as the ‘first line of defence’ and they form an important part of your perimeter security.  As businesses grow, the demands on your firewalls grow and so does the risk.  Whether the firewalls are physical or virtual the risk remains the same and they must be defended.

Since the early 90s, firewall complexity has grown exponentially, while the skills required to manage them efficiently have become deeply technical in their nature.  Now, the focus lies on Unified Threat Management and the mitigation of attacks from multiple vectors.  Our team can help you unlock the benefits of Check Point’s R80.x platform and bring all aspects of network security under one roof and one team – your Pentesec Managed Services team.

We are more than just the skills of our Master Consultants.  We have an entire team of specialists covering the full spectrum of Check Point Accreditations and Specialisations – with a number of these being ‘World Firsts’ at the time.

The Engineering teams in our Network Operation Centre and our Consultants are trained to optimise each blade to ensure that your business can leverage the full feature set in dynamic ways that enable your staff – instead of restricting them.

We take care of the necessary tasks that often get left behind such as regular IPS Review and Updates, Hotfixes and OS Upgrades, backups and comprehensive monitoring, to ensure you are not left vulnerable to attacks.

Our service also includes extensive reporting, advanced hardware and software health monitoring, including a proprietary plugin set, which alerts our operation centre of any early indicators of failure to get ahead of the problem.

The Pentesec Portal

Pentesec always believe in going above and beyond for our customers.  Our internal development team have spent over 450 days, or over 3600 working hours, developing the unique Pentesec Portal – a key feature of the service we offer to our Managed Service customers.  The Portal contains features that change depending on the level of service we provide you and we roll out regular updates and improvements.

Pentesec's Proprietary Portal User Interface

If you are a Managed Firewall Complete customer, you can view everything you need to know at a glance – including the details of your account manager and relevant escalation points connected to your account. Any open and recently closed tickets will be visible alongside open and recently closed projects.

If you click a ticket or project, it details every related technical interaction you have had with Pentesec.  We also provide information on your scheduled changes and notifications, including a quick view of whether changes are on, or behind schedule.

You can also track how many DAS Units you have used and how many remain, setting alerts for whenever your account drops below a certain number of units.

Direct Access Service Units, or DAS for short, is a simple way to access the Cyber Security Services you need. From our Master Consultants to our World Class Support Team and our Industry Leading Trainers, DAS can be used for services such as:

There are no hidden costs or expenses and tasks can be carried out on site or remotely, day or night.  The Pentesec Team are always here to help you move forward.

We keep to strict SLA targets and pride ourselves on meeting those targets.  We supply you with the average time it has taken Pentesec to respond to your organisation’s own support and change tickets, giving you complete visibility of our performance as your managed service provider.

What Makes Pentesec Unique?

Pentesec was founded in 2014 to bring together the strengths and expertise our founding directors had built across 30 years of working in cyber security.  The combined skills, qualifications and experience of our team makes us the most technically accredited Check Point Elite partner in the world.

Pentesec's Technical Check Point Accreditations

Frustrated with the ‘Sales Oriented’ services offered by the reseller channel; our leadership team felt a ‘Technology First’ approach would be better for customers and offer a higher quality of service.

We believe that to supply a product properly, consultants should be technical experts who are ready to support the customer through every step of the project lifecycle. From the initial definition of needs, to the delivery, support and future refresh, we have specialist experts with the knowledge and ability to provide the best solution.

Pentesec partner with a wide range of security vendors but, before we supply their solutions to our customer base, our team undergo extensive training and certification to ensure that we can troubleshoot issues to a high standard.

We blend our vendor solutions into our own corporate infrastructure so that staff at every level have an experience and perspective on what the solution offers.

Our approach to technology has seen us build a strong reputation as industry experts, with high tier partnerships with many leading security vendors and a portfolio of technologies and services that will help businesses stay safe and secure while they grow.

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