Ensuring that all wireless network clients get appropriate levels of service is a major challenge for many businesses, especially when phones, tablets, and IoT devices control their own connectivity and roaming decisions.

Having a small group of connections can cause a significant impact on overall client and WLAN performance. Issues can stem from clients that connect with weak signals, to those that connect to an oversubscribed access point (AP), and especially clients that stay connected to one AP even when they roam the environment (e.g. sticky clients).

Aruba Wireless Access Points

Aruba’s patented ClientMatch technology significantly boosts WLAN performance and gives a predictable, consistent experience to all users regardless of the client they use.

ClientMatch has three key benefits:

  1. ClientMatch utilises machine learning algorithms to automatically determine where best to connect a client by using a system-level view of the network and analytics to make proactive decisions without any specific client software or manual intervention.
  2. ClientMatch uses a system-level view of the entire network to continuously monitor the health of all associated clients by dynamically gathering client information (e.g. signal strength and channel utilisation) from each AP without any client-based software to install or maintain. This client data is then aggregated and shared among all APs to coordinate and make real-time decisions as conditions change.
  3. Dynamic load balancing allows for the distributing a subset of clients automatically across available APs and channels to maximise client performance in highest density use cases – while ensuring APs and channels are not oversubscribed. Client and AP performance are continuously monitored to ensure the best possible client experience. Clients are moved away from suboptimal APs during connection attempts and when a client’s health degrades.

Why Customers buy Aruba Access Points

Optimised Connections

To optimise endpoint connections Aruba’s ClientMatch technology will automatically detect and classify mobile devices with common characteristics, group these devices, and match them with the best AP’s and radios to enhance the performance of the network and boost in network capacity.

High Efficiency

Aruba Access Points efficiently and simultaneously serve multiple clients, increasing data rates for both individual devices and the overall system.  Clients typically control connectivity decisions such as which AP to associate with, data rates, and roaming. Without a system-level view, clients in a crowded environment may still attach themselves to a congested 2.4GHz band when a cleaner 5GHz band is available – significantly impacting performance.

No Sticky Clients

Once attached to an Access Point, clients tend to stay attached, which causes performance to degrade for every connected user. ClientMatch will dynamically move clients to the healthiest access point in range, in real time, to maintain a predictable level of performance.

Automated Provisioning

For large installations across multiple sites, the Aruba Activate service significantly reduces deployment time by automating device provisioning, firmware upgrades, and inventory management. With Aruba Activate, the APs can be factory-shipped to any site and will configure themselves when powered up.

Intelligent Prioritisation

Aruba provide better quality of service for unified communications applications. Support priority handling and policy enforcement for unified communication apps, including Skype for Business with encrypted video conferencing, voice, chat and desktop sharing.


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