As the breadth and complexity of devices in the network continues to grow, many organisations are struggling to address their expanding attack surface. With more smart devices than ever, and the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) the demand for network access has outpaced critical security and compliance best practices in favour of improved operational efficiencies and business outcomes.

With this shift, IT and security teams are often unaware when, where and what types of new devices are being connected to the network. This lack of visibility prevents them from implementing key security and compliance safeguards.

Best practices would require that each new device be onboarded and assigned a policy, but IT is often caught off guard

Aruba ClearPass

With Aruba ClearPass, you get agentless visibility and dynamic role-based access control for seamless security enforcement and response across your wired and wireless networks.

Aruba ClearPass is available in three forms:

  1. ClearPass Onboard: Automate BYOD provisioning and provide secure logins for a wide range of devices. The ClearPass Onboard Portal dynamically detects a device’s operating system and guides the user through the appropriate steps.
  2. ClearPass OnGuard: Automatically remediate or quarantine endpoints that violate corporate security and compliance policies. Centrally view the online status of all devices from the ClearPass Policy Manager Platform.
  3. ClearPass Guest: Implement secure guest access and create a customised web portal using your own brand. Leverage unique features such as sponsor approval, credential delivery or usage policies via email or text.

As the IoT grows larger, Aruba ClearPass will be critical in ensuring every device that accesses the corporate network is tracked and managed appropriately.

With ClearPass, IT can use context collected during onboarding to enforce device type and ownership-based network access policies. Centrally-defined policies also limit the types of devices that can be on-boarded and define which user groups can onboard devices.

Why Customers buy Aruba ClearPass?

Low Touch Onboarding

Simple Easy Guest Wi-Fi

Prevent Suspicious Activity

Complete Endpoint Visibility

Better Troubleshooting and Reporting