Your IT landscape is rapidly evolving, and your vulnerability management strategy needs to evolve too.

Organisations are embracing new virtual and cloud assets such as containers. Mobile devices increasingly come and go from networks. Periodic scanning of traditional assets is no longer enough to deliver the necessary visibility and insight.


Starting with Nessus, Tenable created the world’s most widely deployed vulnerability assessment solution. Nessus helps security professionals quickly and easily identify and fix vulnerabilities across a variety of systems, devices and applications.

While useful for understanding your cyber exposure gap, Vulnerability Assessment tools are not thorough enough for the modern attack surface. As such, Tenable have developed a platform which focuses on Cyber Exposure across the modern attack surface.

Tenable Cyber Exposure Platform provides dynamic and holistic visibility across the modern attack surface; translates raw vulnerability data into business insights to help security teams prioritise and focus remediation based on business risk; and provides a high-level way to objectively measure cyber risk and guide strategic decision making.

Cyber Exposure builds on the roots of Vulnerability Management, designed for traditional assets such as IT endpoints and on-premises infrastructure, moving from identifying bugs and misconfigurations and expanding to the following:

Tenable Offer six variants to their platform, starting with Nessus. The Tenable Platform Accurately Identifies, Investigates and Prioritises Vulnerabilities in Five ways.

  1. Nessus Professional: The #1 Vulnerability Assessment Solution
  2. Tenable.SC: Real time continuous assessment of your security posture managed ‘on prem’.
  3. Tenable.IO:  Real time continuous assessment of your security posture – Cloud Managed.
  4. Tenable Industrial Security – For Critical Infrastructure and Operational Technology
  5. Tenable.IO Web App Scanning – Automated Web App Scanning for Web Frameworks.
  6. Tenable.IO Container Security – Integrates into the DevOps Build Process, enabling visibility of vulnerabilities, malware and policy violations.

Tenable provide Predictive Prioritisation, enabling you to zero in on the vulnerabilities that matter most.  Tenable utilise threat intelligence, to show which vulnerabilities are currently being targeted, predictive models assess the likelihood of a vulnerability being exploited in the near future, and then the threats that would have the largest impact on your business are given additional prioritisation.

Why Customers buy Tenable?

Tenable provide the most accurate information about your assets and vulnerabilities in your ever-changing IT environment.

Eliminate Blind Spots:

Immediate Insight

Proactively Address Threats and Prioritise Vulnerabilities

Prove Compliance