Achieving the highest levels of cyber security is a top priority for IT and Security professionals worldwide, with many businesses demanding only the top performing vendors be considered fit for their needs after intense scrutiny.

Check Point Software

Check Point are synonymous with security, having invented the Firewall itself in 1993. In the decades since they have become pioneers in Advanced Threat Prevention and are considered a market leading vendor.

Check Point offer Threat Prevention across 4 key threat vectors.


Check Point’s Advanced Threat Prevention detects evasion resistant malware and eliminates zero-day threats using a unique Sandbox solution, Sandblast – which extracts any unidentifiable data for inspection at CPU level, before it reaches your network.


SandBlast Agent proactively protects against unknown and zero-day malware, ransomware, and exploits in run time through behavioural analysis and forensic insights. Eliminate harmful malware attacks with effective detection, quarantine, and containment to contain and remediate threats.


CloudGuard extends Check Point’s Advanced Threat Prevention to protect assets in both public and private cloud environments. With rapid deployment and autoscaling capabilities, CloudGuard protects the cloud against sophisticated attacks.


Sandblast Mobile protects workers using Android and iPhone devices from malware, man-in-the-middle attacks over cellular, and Wi-Fi networks, OS exploits, and phishing attacks.

Check Point constantly drive security innovation forward by leveraging deep threat intelligence to understand and overcome attackers. Check Point’s Threat Cloud logs information globally, so that when Sandblast uncovers an unknown Threat anywhere in the world, every Sandblast user is then protected against it.

Centralised Management through Check Point R80.20 allows Network Administrators to control access points through a single console, simultaneously without the need to queue tasks. SmartEvent correlates logs from all Check Point products, including End Points, to identify suspicious activity, track trends and investigate events.

Why Customers Choose Check Point?

Unmatched Visibility

SmartEvent enables organisations to automatically understand exactly what is active in their network, and correlates logs in real time for investigation and rapid response. This gives control over threats, getting to the root cause quickly, and eliminating it.

Real Time Threat Extraction

Intercept and analyse files in real time, blocking incidents without interrupting workflow. Check Point strip out potentially malicious code, passing through a clean file for use, while Sandblast analyses the original content for threats.

Global Security Anywhere

Businesses are becoming more mobile, more remote, and more flexible and as such their attack surfaces have grown. Check Point secures users on and off network, on every device and against every type of attack.

Universal Threat Detection

Check Point’s Threat Cloud connects intelligence feeds from every single Check Point user worldwide, to feeds from a huge range of partners, giving the industries deepest level of threat awareness and ensuring that your network is constantly updated.


Many organisations are still running overly complicated networks with various devices and services running tasks independently. Check Point’s software blade architecture is designed to run multiple solutions from one physical, or virtual device, including: Firewall, VPN, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Data Loss Prevention, URL Filtering, Sandboxing and much more, without impeding throughput.

Pentesec are Check Point Masters.

We Are The Most Technically Accredited Partner Worldwide

Our commitment to be the best Check Point partner has seen us win back to back Partner of the Year awards for both 2018 and 2019. Pentesec rise above 6000 partners worldwide to be the most accredited, mastering every aspect of Check Point’s Solutions. Our team of Check Point Masters are overseen by Europe’s #1 Check Point Consultant, we know Check Point better than anyone.

We Employ Expert Support Engineers

With Pentesec your support calls go straight to an accredited Check Point engineer answering all queries to strict SLAs. Our Master support engineers have strong ties with Check Point’s Research and Development Team, they know if we can’t support you in house, then the issue is extreme and can’t be fixed. We deliver labs, debug data and our technical advice to help Check Point create new patches and hotfixes that will overcome your issues.

We Are Authorised Training Partners

Pentesec are the only partner worldwide who are authorised to train Check Point users, a testament to the expertise of our team.  We have invested in our own custom-built training centre in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire where Customers, Partners and even Check Point engineers have undergone extensive training the Pentesec way.

We Have A Collaborative Partnership

At all levels of Pentesec our teams work closely with Check Point to discuss technical strategy, give customer feedback, suggest changes, request features and generally act in our customer’s best interests. In turn, we get hands on experience with emerging technology well before it is released to the public, meaning we can not only master the support aspects of supplying these solutions before others, but we can plan ahead and help your organisation prepare for changes that will affect you, or highlight solutions to your priority issues and expedite how soon you can take advantage of them.


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