Despite huge advances in security technology, users are still the biggest threat to corporate infrastructure. The overwhelming majority of successful cyber-attacks are facilitated by well-meaning people.

Cyber criminals, view people as an easy way into a network, and data breaches are now more likely to be triggered by phishing emails than any other form of attack.

Whether it be human error or malicious intent, training staff to recognise and avoid security risks is a major challenge.


CybSafe’s intelligent cyber security and data analytics platform enables organisations to quantify their human cyber risk and resilience, whilst measuring awareness whether activities (such as training and phishing simulations) are working.

CybSafe address the human aspect of cyber security, using deep research into human psychology and behavioural science, to reposition your people as a powerful cyber defence.

CybSafe Offer Three Solutions for Raising Cyber Awareness:

Cyber Security Awareness

Maintained and developed by national security experts, psychologists and leading behavioural scientists. As well as advancing cyber security awareness, the platform uses psychology and behavioural science to elicit secure behaviours and build a culture of security.

Email Phishing Simulation

Reduce the incidence of successful phishing and spear phishing attacks. Get phishing prevention support and intelligent phishing simulations from CybSafe. CybSafe digs beyond standard phishing susceptibility rates to reveal the types of attacks likely to trouble specific individuals. The unified cyber awareness platform then offers tailored security awareness support as a result. Born from our continual collaborations with cyber security psychologists, more intelligent phishing simulations are a cyber security innovation.

Cyber Security Risk Reduction and Management

CybSafe uses AI-machine learning to continuously monitor your organisation’s human cyber risk. It then deploys a series of unique security interventions, grounded in psychology, that improve security awareness, elicit secure behaviours and build a culture of security throughout your organisation.

Why Do Customers Choose CybSafe?

Combat Social Engineering

CybSafe content is designed and developed in collaboration with psychologists and behavioural scientists. Content highlights and then builds defences around the human biases criminals exploit. CybSafe explains who, what and when to trust across a broad range of social engineering topics – not just phishing.

Risk Reporting

CybSafe continuously measures and monitors the security awareness, security behaviours and the security culture of your organisation. Intelligent reporting metrics, risk indicators and analytics make it easy for boards, managers and senior leaders to understand risk and determine what must be done to address vulnerabilities. CybSafe’s automatic security interventions respond to changing metrics, ensuring the human aspect of your security continuously improves.

Data and Science-Based Risk Mitigation

CybSafe use psychology, data, science and cognitive computing technologies to revolutionise the human aspect of cyber security. Their metrics, risk indicators and awareness techniques are developed in line with scientifically-proven principles and trigger quantifiable results.

User Engagement

CybSafe’s AI-machine learning and NLP technologies personalise content to individuals, presenting users with the right information at the right time in the right way. The use of story makes subjects intriguing and easy to recall. CybSafe is a collaborative platform through which you can engage staff to generate an interest in, and a sense of personal responsibility for, cyber security.

Behavioural Change

CybSafe’s security awareness training is developed and constantly updated in collaboration with leading psychologists and behavioural scientists. It delves beyond security awareness to reveal how people behave online – and why. Unique security interventions delivering lasting behaviour change and a meaningful cyber risk reduction.

Attack Simulation

CybSafe’s intelligent attack simulations aren’t designed to catch people out. Instead, they’re built to reinforce knowledge transfer and provide useful context. As well as revealing the individuals and teams who misdiagnose simulated attacks, they reveal the underlying causes of misdiagnoses. In doing so, CybSafe’s intelligent attack simulations reveal the true vulnerabilities in your human cyber defence.

Ambassadors & Digital Champions

Rich datasets highlight current levels of security awareness and the platform enables administrators, security ambassadors and individuals to connect, share and communicate organisation-wide. Combined, the two features allow security ambassadors to nurture your human cyber defence and develop a culture of security within your organisation. CybSafe facilitates and supports cyber ambassador and digital champion initiatives.

Digital Well-Being

Aside from being good for society, keeping people safe in all aspects of their lives strengthens and deepens corporate defences. The people investment can’t be underestimated. CybSafe bolsters digital well-being in every aspect of people’s lives.

Accredited Training

Content quality is assured through GCHQ and IISP accreditation. Each user receives a CybSafe Certificate in Cyber Awareness (CCSA) on training completion and CybSafe attracts CPD credits. In 2017, CybSafe research found that 44% of SMEs were required as part of contracts with enterprise customers to enlist cyber security precautions of a recognised standard such as ISO 27001.

GDPR Awareness Training

CybSafe breaks data privacy down into its raw components, injecting GDPR with a new lease of life. The platform encourages individuals to think beyond compliance, simultaneously increasing your data security and reducing your cyber risk.


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