As Remote Working becomes a global norm, businesses require better and more dynamic tools that provide the features and securities of an office environment wherever your end users are.

Pentesec recommend two market leading solutions that can deliver your data and applications to remote workers, securely.

Check Point Remote Access and Silver Peak SD-WAN

For organisations looking to connect users to existing corporate infrastructure, Check Point’s Remote Access solution offers everything you need.

Whether staff are at home or on the move, Remote Access provides an encrypted VPN between them and your network. It also connects satellite sites to head office and offers multi factor authentication and compliance scanning to ensure all connections are safe.

All Check Point Security Gateways are equipped with the capabilities to deliver a VPN connection. Pentesec can review how many users your device is capable of supporting, supply the licencing and guide you on how to set things up quickly, with minimal disruption.

Check Point’s solution offers flexibility, with client based and clientless options available. A Client Based solution offers VPN as one of multiple security solutions, including firewall, zero-day attack prevention, disk encryption and more. Clientless access provides less features but enables users to access corporate assets via web browser, following set corporate policies.

Users are assigned limited and specific access privileges based on their individual or grouped needs. Machine controls can be applied, forcing users to comply with specific settings and before their device is considered trustworthy enough to access your resources.

Remote Access is a solid solution for businesses looking to flow with the demands of the world, without committing to long term changes on their infrastructure.

For organisations looking to invest in long term solutions with flexible corporate access and globally shared resources, Silver Peak’s SD-WAN solution ‘EdgeConnect’ offers high quality connectivity for end users no matter where they are or what assets they need to connect to.

EdgeConnect enables you to create a virtual WAN for every class of traffic. Application performance, security and routing are dictated by business needs, not technology constraints. Once defined, configurations are automatically programmed to all sites, ensuring consistency across your entire network.

Silver Peak’s automated traffic handling ensures that network resources match your business priorities, for every application, including voice and video connections. Performance and availability are scaled up with demand, and all connections are held to your strict QoS and Security requirements. This means your infrastructure is always consistent, always available and globally secure.

Whether you need a simple solution to keep your business moving whilst staff work remotely, or you are looking to optimise your infrastructure using advanced cloud technology, Pentesec have the skills and resources to help you design and deliver an effective solution.


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