Controlling personal data about your customers is one of the biggest security burdens facing businesses in the modern era.

Since GDPR and other regulations came into force, data has become a key focus and manually responding to the security demands of these regulations can be costly, time consuming and difficult to truly complete.

You don’t know what you don’t know. Rogue data within an organisation exposes you to risks of fines and damage to your reputation. It’s also unnecessary to hoard personal data that you don’t need, too much information becomes a security risk. analyses traffic on a continuous basis, covering all elements of your network in real time, to detect any storage, processing or sharing of personal data both inside and outside of your network. 1Touch crawls through every repository or database available to uncover forgotten data and once it knows where your skeletons lie, it creates a holistic view of where and how the data is being used, whether it is in motion or in rest, structure or unstructured and whether it is of known or unknown origin.

Data Lifecycle Management Pro

DLM Pro is the industry’s first network-based, perpetually updated, privacy control and management solution.

By continuously analysing traffic and repository stores connected to your network, 1Touch’s network-based solution can detect all elements on the network that are storing, processing, and sharing personal data, both internally and externally.

The whole set-up process takes approximately two hours, and from that point DLM Pro will discover your personal data automatically.

Why Do Organisations Choose

Business Value

Having the most up to date and relevant information about your data helps organisations to avoid fines and bad publicity. Maintaining this state of clarity becomes an automated and reliable process that automatically updates and maintains itself.

Operational Value is easy to implement and manage. You send a copy of your network traffic to their system and define the initial asset you’re looking to uncover, eg personal data usage, and 1Touch does the rest.

Financial Value

The less personal data you’re storing the less you need to pay for You won’t be charged for any duplicate data found, or to crawl through systems that uncover no personal data at all.

Technical Value

With 1Touch doing all of the search and discover work for you, you can focus on mission critical projects that further your organisation’s goals. 1Touch will continue to maintain your posture and bring the unknown data to you.


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