Multi-Factor Authentication provides peace of mind when protecting user access to corporate assets. Its purpose is to make attacker’s lives harder and reduce the risk of fraud and theft, and it is a hugely effective yet simple Threat Prevention tool.

Swivel Secure

Swivel Secure is an industry leading authentication solution. Founded in 2001, Swivel Secure protects thousands of organisations in over 52 countries. The award winning AuthControl Sentry® delivers multi-factor authentication, combined with risk-based authentication and single sign-on for securely authenticating all applications, both cloud and on-premise.

AuthControl Sentry®

AuthControl Sentry is an award-winning multi-factor authentication platform with patented PINsafe technology at the core, delivering ultimate security.

Designed for flexibility, AuthControl Sentry works with a diverse range of authentication factors for optimum deployment, including Image, Mobile, Biometrics, Hardware Tokens and Voice control, allowing you to adapt the solution to your risk needs.

AuthControl Sentry® provides an intelligent solution which:

Why Do Customers Choose Swivel?


Available around the clock, Swivel’s premium technical support responds to access or integration issues. Swivel also provide maintenance releases, patch fixes and error corrections.

User Licensing

Swivel offer flexible licensing plans and pricing models suitable for all organisations.

Deploy On-Premise

A perpetual license is available for on-premise solutions, or those hosted in a private cloud. Pricing is per user, on a sliding scale, starting from just 10 users. Pricing is not cumulative; therefore it is an extremely cost effective way to buy a volume of licenses, rather than a staggered model. Ideally suited to organisations that want to CAPEX the cost of a service upfront, and with stable user numbers.

Deploy in The Cloud

The ‘Per User Per Year’ license is available for Cloud deployments and allows organisations to flex their user requirements as demand changes. No upfront costs and with a flexible and penalty free contract and termination. Ideally suited to organisations that want to OPEX the cost of a service, and with variable user numbers.


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