Smartphones and tablets give us unprecedented access to the critical business information we need to work faster and more accurately.  Providing your employees with access to that information on the mobile devices they choose has many benefits, but it also exposes your business to risk.

Mobile devices are the backdoor to network breaches, exposing sensitive corporate data to threats. Any business that allows users to access corporate assets via mobile phone is at risk.

Check Point Software Technologies

Check Point SandBlast Mobile is an innovative approach to mobile security for iOS and Android devices which detects and stops mobile threats before they start. Whether your data’s at rest on a device or in flight through the cloud, Sandblast Mobile helps protect you from vulnerabilities and attacks that put data at risk.

Sandblast Mobile Secures in 3 Key Ways

  1. Advanced App Analysis: Malicious App Detection finds known and unknown threats by applying threat emulation to your user’s apps.  Sandblast Mobile captures apps as they are downloaded to devices and emulates them in the cloud to uncover any malicious behaviours before they damage your organisation.
  2. Device Vulnerability Assessments: Criminals leverage known vulnerabilities in operating systems, apps and hardware. Sandblast Mobile uses real time risk assessments at the device level to detect vulnerabilities and whether they are being attacked. Uncover advanced rooting and jailbreaking attempts, be aware of threats to your mobile devices.
  3. Network Attacks: Extend your Check Point Network Security Capabilities to your mobile device. Constantly validate your cellular traffic without routing through your corporate gateway. This ensures you are protected against Phishing, Bot Attacks, Man in the Middle Wi-Fi attacks and can control users access to URLs and other services.

Check Point constantly drive security innovation forward by leveraging deep threat intelligence to understand and overcome attackers. Check Point’s Threat Cloud logs information globally, so that when Sandblast uncovers an unknown Threat anywhere in the world, every Sandblast user is then protected against it.

Centralised Management through Check Point R80.20 allows Network Administrators to control Mobile Phone security through a single console, simultaneously without the need to queue tasks. SmartEvent correlates logs from all Check Point products, including Mobiles, to identify suspicious activity, track trends and investigate events.

Why Customers buy Sandblast Mobile