Identity Access Management and Information Security are mission-critical functions for modern businesses.

Okta safely connect people to technology with a highly available service that is secure. Okta’s services are built to meet the rigorous Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability requirements of even the most security sensitive organisations.

Okta Workforce Identity

Workforce Identity simplifies the way people connect to enterprise technology, while increasing efficiency and helping you keep IT environments secure.

Workforce Identity includes:

Workforce Identity provides IT with one centralised place for policy-based management which governs how users access mission-critical applications, and the data that powers your business.

Employees feel the benefit of eliminating ‘password fatigue’ with a single sign-on home page, meaning they no longer need to reuse passwords, write them down, or save them in files on their desktop.

Customers can also benefit from using Okta’s ‘Customer Identity’ services which allow you to customise their user experience.

Enterprises that adopt the Okta Service dramatically improve the security and experience for users interacting with their applications, at every level.

When to use Okta and Why

Okta has many uses across your business, below are some examples of common cases where Okta is a differentiator.

Moving to the Cloud:

As cloud applications replace and augment on-prem applications, IT is tasked with deploying and managing access for an ever expanding, increasingly complex ecosystem. The number of apps deployed by enterprises is increasing, creating distractions for employees as they scramble to navigate access and remember credentials.

Okta helps organisations secure and expedite IT transformation by:

Securely Enable Remote Work:

Protect and enable your workforce, wherever they may be.

Accelerate Office 365 Adoption

Rolling out O365 made painless and secure. Start your journey into the cloud by adopting O365 with Okta.


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