Security experts know that even the best security solutions have flaws, and eventually cyber attackers will breach their perimeter defences. Deception Technology offers another layer of protection through obscurity. The attackers need to make choices, they have to navigate their way towards their goals and lacing your network with honeypots and traps is a useful way of catching them out and shutting them down.

Illusive Networks

Illusive go that step further, they want to surround the attacker, confuse them, lead them astray and provide you with the forensic insight to not only stop them in their tracks but to understand who they are and catch them.

The Illusive Platform has three key solutions:

  1. Attack Surface Manager – Stop Lateral Movement Before It Starts by removing high risk pathways from even the largest of networks. Continuously impede attacker movement, without impeding your users. Quickly evaluate the risk posed by individual systems and connections and see your network through the eyes of a potential attacker.
  2. Attack Detection System – Plant deceptions at every endpoint, mimic the real data, credentials and connections attackers depend on and then confuse them with a distorted and unpredictable reality where one wrong move silently alerts your security team. You can now track the attacker in real time, dragging them through a dense we of deception while you react to the initial vulnerabilities that enabled the breach and gather data that can help you fight back against your attacker.
  3. Attack Intelligence System – Precise real time forensics presented in an actionable format, prioritised by potential business impact, the moment an alert is triggered. Your team are given a run down of how the attacker breached your network, their likely target and how far they got. The Illusive Decoy Module enables live observation of the attacker’s continued efforts, while they are unknowingly siloed to a fake system that mimics yours.

The Illusive Platform Scales and Integrates

Illusive’s modules can work together or separately to pre-empt, detect and respond to cyber attacks across large and fragmented environments. There are a range of pre-built plugins that enable integration with SIEM solutions, Automatic Mitigation Platforms, Threat Protection Services and more.

Why Customers buy Illusive Networks?