New threats and vulnerabilities are found every day and ensuring that your technical infrastructure is configured to withstand the brunt of them is a never-ending task.

Companies pay for penetration, testing and vulnerability scanning to find key areas of weakness, but attacks still take place, and no one truly knows if they’re at risk until it’s too late.


Cymulate’s platform comprehensively exercises your defences with the industry’s widest range of attack vectors, providing an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) simulation of your security posture at all times.

Test your network’s ability to cope with pre-exploitation-stage threats in Email, Browsing, and WAF.

You can analyse your ability to respond to real incidents with our post-exploitation modules like Hopper, Endpoint and Data Exfiltration. Assess and improve awareness among employees against phishing, ransomware and other attacks.

Gain a clear picture of your vulnerabilities from every point of exposure and learn what will really happen when you are attacked.

Cymulate works in Nine key stages:

Immediate Threat Alert Assessment

Cymulate’s immediate threat alert solution helps you to test your organisation’s security posture against clear and present cyberthreats.

Email Security Assessment

Expose critical vulnerabilities within the email security framework. By sending emails containing ransomwares, worms, Trojans, or links to malicious websites, the assessment shows if these emails could bypass your organisations’ first line of defense and reach your employees.

Web Gateway Assessment

Evaluate your organisation’s outbound exposure to malicious or compromised websites. Using common HTTP/HTTPS protocols, it enables you to verify your organisation’s exposure to an extensive and continuously growing database of malicious and compromised websites for testing.

Web Application Assessment

Check that your WAF configuration, implementation and features are able to block payloads before they reach your web applications. Cymulate simulates an attacker trying to bypass your WAF and reach your web applications to perform malicious actions such as mining sensitive information, inflicting damage and forwarding users to infected websites using applicative attacks.

Lateral Movement Assessment

Simulate a compromised workstation inside your organisation and expose the risk that can occur by a potential cyberattack or threat. Various techniques and methods are used to laterally move inside your network using a sophisticated and efficient algorithm to mimic all the common and clever techniques that the most sophisticated hackers use to navigate the network.

End Point Assessment

Deploy and run real ransomware, Trojans, worms, and viruses on a dedicated endpoint in a controlled and safe manner. Ascertains whether security products are tuned properly and actually protecting your organisation’s endpoints against the latest attack methods.

Data Exfiltration Assessment

Evaluate how well your Data Loss Prevention solutions and controls prevent any extraction of critical information from outside the organisation. Test the outbound flows of data (including personally identifiable (PII), medical, financial and confidential business information) to validate that those information assets stay indoors.

Phishing Assessment

Simulate phishing campaigns and detects weak links in your organisation. Reduce the risk of spear-phishing, ransomware or CEO fraud, Cymulate can help you to deter data breaches, minimise malware-related downtime and save money on incident response.

SIEM/SOC Simulation

Schedule automated assessments which can be conducted at any predefined time. Find vulnerabilities and gaps in the organisation’s security framework, its multiple security solutions as well as security controls. Gain a comprehensive overview of the security posture of your organisation and its weak spots.

Why Do Customers Choose Cymulate?

Prevent New Threats

Cymulate is designed to inform and evaluate your organisation’s security posture as quickly as possible against the latest real and immediate threats. The simulation is created by the Cymulate Research Team which catches and analyses threats immediately after they are launched by cybercriminals and malicious hackers. By running this simulation, you know within a short time if your organisation is vulnerable to this threat and how to overcome it.

Easy to Deploy

Cymulate is a SaaS solution, which means deployment takes minutes. There are no hardware requirements and everything designed for plug and play, with immediate results and no false positives. Once Cymulate is set up, it is fully automated to provide continuous testing and reporting.

Know How Safe You Are

Cymulate’s platform provides you with the knowledge and experience of thousands of leading ethical hackers and reverse engineers plus Cymulate Lab’s non-stop research and development of new and sophisticated attack methods.

Enhance Compliance

Cymulate’s platform boosts compliance with the myriad standards and regulations, including GDPR, PCI, HIPPA, and other federal, national and industry laws dealing with security and information privacy.

Test New Products

Verify if the new solutions you are considering actually block cyber-attacks. Comprehensive, safe assessments, conducted in real-time, show you where to invest and ensure you obtain and implement the right solutions by pinpointing any flaws and gaps in the products you review.