Customers demand that organisations deliver quick response times, 24×7 availability, and security of mission-critical applications. To meet these demands, services have evolved to become constantly available via online apps and websites worldwide. 

Unfortunately, one of the simplest ways to damage an internet-based service is to overwhelm it with high demand or bombard it with malicious dummy data. As services grow in popularity, more powerful solutions are needed to ensure maximum response times, availability and efficiency. 


F5 helps meet these challenges with application delivery and load balancing solutions that simplify operations while optimising performance and availability for users.  

From code to customer, F5 powers applications from development through their entire life cycle so our customers can deliver differentiated, high-performing, and secure digital experiences to their customers and communities.  

F5 specialise in a huge range of Application Security Technologies including: 

Load Balancing

Improve the performance and availability of your global applications by sending users to the closest or fastest endpoint—whether physical, virtual, or cloud environment with F5’s global server load balancing (GSLB). 

Web Application Firewalls

F5’s Advanced WAF can identify and block attacks that other WAF solutions miss.  Protect your apps with behavioural analytics, proactive bot defence, and application-layer encryption of sensitive data. 

DDOS Prevention

F5’s DDoS Hybrid Defender provides a greater depth of defence. It is the only multi-layered DDOS Prevention Solution that protects against blended network attacks and sophisticated application attacks, while enabling full SSL decryption, anti-bot capabilities and advanced detection methods—all in one appliance. 

Application Security for Any Environment

F5’s solutions can be leveraged individually, or as a unified infrastructure. For software environments, the NGINX Platform is a suite of products that enable simplified application delivery and create reliable, high performance apps that scale.  

NGINX delivers software load balancing, application security and monitoring. Giving critical insight into your application performance and securing them against Layer 7 attacks. 

Why Do Customers Choose F5?

Applications have become the focal point of the internet.  

Organisations depend on them to provide large scale services that are utilised by people all over the world. Attackers know how valuable applications are and targeting them is hugely profitable.  

With over 20 years of delivering Application Security in 85 Offices across 43 countries, F5 have the experience and reach to justify their position as global leaders in App Security. 

F5’s App-Centric Security solutions know the threats and vulnerabilities your business faces. 48 of the Fortune 50 depend on this knowledge to secure their critical applications.  

They invest heavily in their in-house labs to create threat prevention solutions that prevent common application weaknesses and overcome sophisticated denial of service attempts.  


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