Many organisations are moving data to the cloud and with growing regulatory requirements to protect and control data, Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) provide visibility and protection for a myriad of sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud applications on corporate-issued and personal employee devices.

Forcepoint CASB generates consistent, normalised access logs that make it easy for you to meet the demands of internal and external auditors. It also provides a consolidated view of all your apps, simplifying and expediting your audit processes. Integration with leading SIEM solutions is available if you wish to track alerts and audit activities as part of your normal network operating center procedures. And finally, Forcepoint CASB provides these audit capabilities out-of-the-box, eliminating the need for custom development work.

Force Point CASB Eliminates Security Blind Spots

Intelligent Threat Detection

Use deep inspection to automatically detect and block malicious executables from being stored in cloud applications with Advanced Malware Detection.

Control Sharing of Sensitive Files

Enable productive collaboration with third parties in SaaS environments without accidentally exposing critical files that contain sensitive data such as PII, financial records, and protected IP with CASB.

Better Control of Your Cloud App Admin

Delegate administrative privileges for high-risk activities such as making global access changes and enabling multi-factor authentication of admin and privileged user permissions

Quick and Easy Security for Cloud Apps

Secure any cloud application (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, or homegrown) without waiting, whether you are using APIs or inline (proxy) with Cloud Access Security Broker.

Location-Based Access Controls

Enable access restrictions based on user/cloud service location to help comply with data regulations with CASB.

Why Customers Choose Forcepoint CASB

Security For All Cloud Applications

Forcepoint CASB’s unique proxy analysis engine gathers information from a broad set of activities to build mapping files for cloud apps, enabling support for any cloud app.

User Governance

Quickly identify dormant/orphaned accounts and external users to reduce operational costs and minimise associated security threats.

Cloud Application Risk Scoring

Categorise the overall risk for each cloud application based on regulatory requirements, industry certifications, or your own internal benchmarks. Establish detailed cloud application risk posture metrics and information for each application to strengthen your overall security posture, with the option to create customisable weightings.

Real-Time Activity Analytics

Understand potential exposure with real-time activity monitoring and analytics by user (regular, privileged users, admins), group, location, device, application action, and more. Continuously monitor user behaviour to detect anomalous activity, so you can quickly identify and stop high-risk insider or external attacks.

Device and location-based access control

Enable unique policies for managed and unmanaged devices, whether they’re on browsers or rich mobile applications. Implement access restrictions based on the location of the user or cloud service.


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