As companies grow, they not only become bigger targets for attack, they also begin to lose track of digital assets, online profiles and brand usage across the internet.

Attackers search for unknown, unprotected and unmonitored digital assets which span from your internal network across the full breadth of the internet, and use them to leverage attacks against your business and its customers.


RiskIQ provides comprehensive discovery, intelligence, and the mitigation of threats associated with an organisation’s digital presence. They use a proprietary intelligence collection network which is constantly monitoring digital channels across the open, deep and dark web to illuminate and eliminate risk in the wild before it impacts your business. Using the Illuminate platform, users can map and monitor their internet-exposed digital attack surface, understand and mitigate exposures and expedite external threat investigation.

RiskIQ have 5 key solutions

RiskIQ Digital Footprint

Discover and Monitor Your Digital Attack Surface Outside the Firewall. Using virtual user technology, RiskIQ discover web assets and experience them like a real user, or attacker, allowing you to accurately identify, monitor and manage your internet attack surface from the outside in.

RiskIQ Passive Total

By bringing together critical data sources in an easy-to-use visual interface, PassiveTotal enables analysts to investigate digital threats and map and analyse adversary infrastructure. Simply search PassiveTotal using an indicator of compromise (IOC) or suspicious artifacts, like a domain, IP address, or email address, and uncover all that RiskIQ has observed about that artifact.

RiskIQ External Threats

Detect and Respond to Targeted Digital Threats Across Web, Social and Mobile Channels. Use virtual user technology as it crawls the internet, experiencing websites, paste sites, social media profiles, mobile apps, and mobile app stores just like a real user does. Sophisticated analysis, detection techniques, and fine-tuned policy controls turn a sea of data into discrete, actionable events and workflows that reduce your digital risk and eliminate threats.

RiskIQ Executive Guardian

Includes a built-in workflow to generate alerts sent to RiskIQ’s MSS experts to remove content and remediate findings and eliminate leaks quickly. RiskIQ stores all executive data in a highly secure data lake with access limited only to individuals with security clearance. This data is analysed offline, and RiskIQ never enters sensitive information into search engines to prevent the generation and propagation of unwanted content.

RiskIQ Security Intelligence Services

Real Time Access to Global Internet Data Sets – RiskIQ offers our world-class intelligence and vast, internet-scale data sets to organisations for integration directly into the security systems already in use, whether they’re commercial SIEM solutions or custom-built platforms. Having direct, high-volume access to this intelligence and data allows for programmatic defense against threats to your environment.

Why Businesses Choose RiskIQ

Brand Enforcement

Your brand is the most valuable asset for both your business and those attacking it. With internet-scale visibility, know where and how it’s being leveraged across the entire surface web, deep and dark web, and mobile app ecosystem—both by your company and threat actors targeting your customers and employees.

Limit Third Party Risks

Thriving in today’s digital world means being part of a broad ecosystem of dependencies that help you do business online. When these suppliers are hacked, your customers are at risk. Know the third parties your organisation uses, where they are, and if they’re vulnerable to stop supply-chain attacks before they impact you.

Unknown Asset Management

Attackers search for unknown, unprotected, and unmonitored digital assets across your organisation’s attack surface. Continuously discovering, inventorying, and monitoring these assets, which span from your internal network across the full breadth of the internet, allow you to understand your exposures and implement the necessary mitigation techniques

Threat Intelligence

RiskIQ has been tracking attackers for over a decade, with over 730 Billion web pages scanned per year, 16 Million mobile apps and over 300 Million domains. Continuously crawling the internet and capturing its content helps RiskIQ curate data sets not found anywhere else. Leveraging the relationships between this highly connected data exposes the infrastructure being used by attackers against your organisation by surfacing new connections, grouping similar attack activity, and substantiating assumptions during incident response.

Executive Protection

Your organisation’s key executives, leadership and board of directors are primary targets for attackers who attempt to use their name, likeness, and personal web presence to target them and their employees. Continuously monitoring for exposed personal data or impersonation of executives can prevent harm in both the cyber and physical realms.

Data Protection and Compliance

Discovering and inventorying the digital assets that make up your organisation’s attack surface is critical for compliance with industry regulations. Most businesses are required to maintain asset inventories that detail the location, accessibility, patch level, and ownership of their assets, even those that exist outside the firewall


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