Pentesec Transform Digital Software Deployment with AWS.

Pentesec are now offering Security Services and Support via the AWS Marketplace. This enables AWS users to secure their cloud services with market leading vendor solutions and Pentesec’s world class technical skills.

As an AWS user, you can buy the licences you need and leverage Pentesec’s partner status to lower your costs. AWS Marketplace allows you to dynamically expand your capacity whenever there is higher demand, meaning you are only charged for the services you consume.

We will work with you to review any services that regularly scale beyond your capacity, to ensure you are using the most cost-effective licencing methods.

AWS Marketplace Transforms Procurement

AWS Marketplace provides a curated digital catalogue of 3rd party software that simplifies procurement and supports innovation. With over 7,000 software solutions available from 1,600 software vendors, AWS has over 300,000 active customers running over 1.5 Million software subscriptions.  This simple, streamlined approach to SaaS procurement increases your efficiency, while lowering risk.

If you are interested in procuring through the AWS Marketplace, please call us, or fill out the form below and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Pentesec’s Solutions and Services

Check Point CloudGuard IaaS

Pentesec are certified Check Point CloudGuard experts and can now supply, deliver and support licencing for any organisations looking to secure their AWS Cloud services.

CloudGuard IaaS for AWS delivers multi-layered network security for the AWS Cloud Environment and protects cloud assets. Utilising Check Point’s advanced Threat Extraction and Sandboxing service, Sandblast, as well as Firewall, IPS, Application Control, VPN, Anti-Virus and Anti-Bot.

Connect your AWS platform to your data centres, clients and enterprise networks, via secure VPN and run SSL inspections on traffic to combat any advanced threats within.

Pentesec can supply optimised CloudGuard IaaS costs via AWS Marketplace in several different flexible payment terms ranging from hourly billing and multi-year licencing agreements.

Check Point Cloud Posture Management

Pentesec are certified Check Point Dome9 experts and offer Security and Cloud Compliance Automation to AWS users looking to scale their multi-cloud or public cloud environment.

Dome9 integrates with AWS natively and provides cloud-agnostic policy orchestration on top of native controls, allowing you to visualise and enforce your security posture consistently across multiple public cloud services.

Benefit from faster and more efficient incident response and better visualization of your security posture. Detect misconfigurations and enforce ‘gold standard’ cloud policies that ensure compliance with your regulatory requirements and best practices.

Pentesec can supply optimised Dome9 costs via AWS Marketplace in several different flexible payment terms ranging from hourly billing and multi-year licencing agreements.


Advanced WAF

Pentesec are certified F5 experts and offer a range of their services via AWS including F5’s Advanced WAF.

The F5 Advanced WAF is an industry-leading web application firewall providing comprehensive protection for your website, mobile apps and APIs. Leveraging behavioural analytics, automated learning capabilities and risk-based policies, the F5 Advanced WAF secures applications against threats including application-layer DoS attacks, malicious bot traffic, all OWASP top 10 threats and API protocol vulnerabilities.

Pentesec supply F5 Advanced WAF via AWS Marketplace using hourly billing or longer-term licence agreements – which can be set up by reaching out to us for an account manager’s support.


F5’s BIG-IP solution comes in GOOD, BETTER and BEST bundles and all are available on AWS Marketplace from Pentesec.

The BEST bundle includes:


Indeni converts the world’s information on how to run IT infrastructure into production-ready automation elements that are continuously curated from vetted experts around the globe. Integrating seamlessly with Check Point’s traditional and VSX Firewalls, Indeni improves your efficiency and reduces costs.

Proactive and knowledge driven, with the power to help keep your security infrastructure working as intended, Indeni provides a unique platform that optimises and accelerates your security operations and, ultimately, your mission critical initiatives, with confidence.

Indeni analyses over 2 billion data points daily, contains over 500 automation modules to integrate into your security infrastructure and has been implemented in over 120 Global Enterprise Businesses.

Purchase your Indeni Licences from Pentesec and deploy their solution in seconds through AWS Marketplace.

Rapid Licence Rollouts

Whichever solution is right for you, Pentesec’s vendor partnerships will help you maximise your return on investment.

Take advantage of our world class consultancy skills and market leading collaborative support and depend on us to make sure your usage is efficient and right for your needs.

Contact us using the form below if you’d like to procure your services through AWS Marketplace.  A member of our dedicated team will contact you to guide you through the process.