Human Rights and Labour Policy

Minimum Wages

Pentesec compensates its employees with wages and benefits that meet or exceed the legally required minimum under the law.

Working Hours

Pentesec does not require its employees to work more than the maximum hours of daily labour set by local laws.

Freely-Chosen Employment

Pentesec ensures that the overall terms of employment are voluntary.

No Discrimination

Pentesec prohibits discrimination based on race, colour, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, ethnicity, religion, disability, union membership or political affiliation.

No Harsh or Inhumane Treatment

Pentesec prohibits physical abuse, harassment or the threat of either.

Forced Labour and Human Trafficking

The Company prohibits the use of all forms of forced labour, including prison labour, indentured labour, bonded labour, military labour, slave labour and any form of human trafficking.

No Child Labour

Pentesec complies with the minimum age laws and requirements and do not employ child labour.

Health and Safety

The Company provides a safe and healthy workplace and complies with applicable safety and health laws, regulations and internal requirements. We are dedicated to maintaining a productive workplace by minimising the risk of accidents, injury and exposure to health risks. We are committed to engaging with our employees to continually improve health and safety in our workplaces, including the identification of hazards and remediation of health and safety issues. 

Freedom of Association

We respect the legal rights of our employees worldwide to join labour organisations or trade unions.