Technical Delivery

Pentesec offer services to assist clients in the design, planning and successful implementation/integration of Security Technologies into their networks.


Project definition documentation is a key part of the scoping process and ensures that all aspects of the client requirements have been adequately captured and are addressed by the project scope.  Pentesec architects work closely both with client-based teams and other contracted third parties to ensure that each element  of the project related to network infrastructure and security is included and properly assessed for scope.  The resulting documentation is fed back into the project management team for inclusion in the planning phases of the project.



All projects require accurate and complete planning and scheduling for successful completion.  The Pentesec Consult and Delivery teams work closely with our architects to ensure that every step of the implementation process is analysed, documented and can be scheduled by project management. Direct liaison through the life of the project ensures that any changes can be reviewed and assessed if required.



It is never enough to simply turn a security technology on; these technologies are tools used to implement a Security Policy.  Pentesec has the experience and expertise to understand your requirements and implement them with these tools leaving clients safe in the knowledge they have a clean, manageable and effective Security Policy enforced. Due to the complex nature of networks and communication, often there are many unforeseen hurdles to overcome to reach this point.  Experience and expertise in troubleshooting and overcoming such issues are paramount to an effective delivery. Pentesec have that experience and expertise providing real value-add to your implementation.



Pentesec can add value to your project or internal team with skilled, capable and reliable people on a short, mid or long term basis giving you the comfort and re-assurance that you don't need to play the lottery with employing contract or new hire staff.